Children’s Youth Ministry Spotlight

October 24, 2018 Uncategorized

I am Kim Fergerson, RN MSW, and I am the new Nursery Coordinator.

Many of you may know me as “Nurse Kim,” after being the St George school nurse for many years. For those who do not, my clinical nursing background was in Labor and Delivery/ Newborn nursery. I have been in Case Management the last few years, mostly in hospitals. I still cover an occasional weekend shift at Methodist Hospital. I am currently employed as a Patient Educator with Humana, providing post hospitalization education to their Medicare Advantage population, mostly geriatric members. I also love working with babies and toddlers, so my Sundays in the nursery provide me a nice balance.

I have been married to Jeff for 18 years. He is also in healthcare, employed as a perfusionist, a very specialized field. He runs the “heart-lung” machine during open heart surgery, heart transplants, and for patients on ECMO. He has loved his career choice!

My oldest son Casey is 26 and is employed in middle management at HEB, specifically the new curbside pick-up.

My daughter Piper is 17 and a senior at the North East School of the Arts magnet high school. She is hoping to attend college on the east coast next fall and is eager to start on her BFA in Technical Theatre and Sign Language.

My youngest son Jake is 15 years old and a sophomore at Health Careers High School, also a magnet program. His initial college plan was Optometry School, but he is now considering being a History major. He loves museums and documentaries and would love to one day work at the Smithsonian in DC. Both Piper and Casey are St. George graduates! We also have three dogs, Gracie, Coco and Gucci.

In the little free time that I have, I like to read, shop, try new restaurants, go to wine tastings, and watch Texas Tech football. I have worked in the St. George nursery for many years and have loved remaining involved in this community! I’m excited about my new role as the Nursery Coordinator.