All Saints’ Day

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The Feast of All Saints is one of the major feast days in the life of the Church. On this day we baptize new “saints,” remember the mothers and fathers of our faith throughout the ages (“cloud of witnesses”), and also offer prayers for those whose lives and faith have shaped us. We will have an All Saints’ Day Eucharist at both services on Sunday, November 1st. One of our customs at St. George is to read the necrology (a list of those who have died) of members of St. George who have died since last All Saints’ Day. We also offer the opportunity to have prayers at the altar for all those in our lives we wish to remember.
If you would like to recognize a loved one who has gone into the nearer presence of God, please email the name to Keith Earle ( by Friday, October 30th. If your loved one was a member of the St. George and died since last All Saints’ Day, we will already have that name. If you would like to make sure, please email Keith Earle.

Bishop Reed Offers a Video Update and Word of Encouragement to the Diocese

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In his message, Bishop Reed shares, “It is a time of anxiety and uncertainty. The times right now are anxious enough, and the future is uncertain in so many ways, on so many levels. And yet, we continue to live with hope. We’re a people called to embody hope and resurrection, to trust that God is doing a new thing, and to look for the ways that God is acting today, and will be acting tomorrow to restore his people. In the midst of my own tendency to whine and moan and complain about how hard my life is right now, I am very mindful of how many people are truly suffering, how many people have experienced such depths of loss. We need to be mindful of that, and we need to look for ways not only to hold the Church together, but also how to break the Church apart, in effect, and send the Body out into the world in the name of Christ to love and serve and bring healing. Click here for the full video message.

Backpack Drive

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This year the Backpack Drive for the Convening of Churches is going to look different because there is so much uncertainty of when students will be back in school. Backpacks will be distributed on July 24 from 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM at Coker UMC.
In order to limit in-person contact, Coker has purchased all of the backpacks and school supplies needed to fill approximately 600 to 700 backpacks. They need our help. They are asking for monetary donations this year to help cover the cost. St. George has participated in this event for many years, and this is our opportunity to participate again. Perhaps we cannot volunteer to help pack the backpacks or to help deliver them this year, but we can certainly participate by making a monetary donation. Please keep our tradition of helping those who need our help alive! Click here to contribute online, or you can mail in a check with Backpacks on the memo line. Thanks so much, St. George!!