Council Delegate Nominations

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If you are interested in being a Council Delegate, please reach out to our Senior Warden, Susan Alwais, who is head of the delegates. ( We will hold an election in November in order to help our new Council Delegates and Alternates time to arrange their travel schedules.

Click here to read a reflection by Haley Bankey on why you should consider serving as a Delegate to Council.

Please pray and consider if God is calling you to serve as a Delegate!


One Bread, One Body

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Submitted by Andy Nodine

The phrase one bread, one body, takes on concrete and very special meaning when you become a Home Eucharistic Minister (HEM) and take communion to members of our congregation who, for whatever reason, are unable to leave their homes. I have the privilege of taking communion to a member of our parish who is shut in because his body is suffering from the disabilities that come with old age. He is also functionally blind due to macular degeneration. Except for some meals, he is more or less confined to his small apartment, all alone. His mind is still sharp; however, his only diversion is listening to audio books, which he does for eight to ten hours a day. I have “adopted” him because, years ago, he and the now-deceased love of his life stepped forward and supported me during a very difficult time in my life. In a sense, I have him to thank him for my sanity and emotional well-being. So I repay that debt by taking communion to him every couple of weeks. I can’t tell you what a joy it is to see his face light up and feel his still-strong handshake each time I arrive. We usually spend about an hour sharing our life experiences and discussing the events of the day. And then, I open my little kit and my Prayer Book, and we share in the Body and Blood of Christ, bringing to reality the One Bread about which we sing and reveling in our membership, even if physically isolated, in the One Body.

I would ask you to think about people you know who are not able to join us on Sundays for worship, and to consider taking on the mantle of LEM for them. You will gain in joy far more than you give in time and gas.

NF Walk Success

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It has been an amazing start to the year as our youth partnered with Children’s Tumor Foundation, and came together for various service events which all benefitted The San Antonio NF (Neurofibromatosis) Walk. The walk was held this past Saturday at Eisenhower Park.

The St. George Youth showed up, served their community, and brought smiles and joy to the many who attended. We are so proud of our youth, and their desire to always be the hands and feet of Jesus- especially when that means waking up at 6:00 AM on a Saturday morning. Thank you to all those who attended, served, and shared the love of God with so many others. We look forward to the years to come!