Acolyte Ministry

Starting in 3rd grade, all the way through high school, our children and young adults are an integral part of our Sunday morning worship. From walking in the processional, holding the Gospel during the readings, and aiding our Lay Eucharistic Ministers during Communion, our Acolytes get first-hand experience in their faith through serving. For more information on how your son or daughter can serve as an Acolyte, please call or email St. George at (210) 342-4261  for Alex Miller’s contact information. To review and download the Acolyte Training Manual click here.

Altar Guild

Setting and caring for the Lord’s table is a calling for our Altar Guild. This ministry takes special care of our Altar, Communion elements, priest’s robes and special worship needs both on Sunday mornings and at our evening Eucharists in the All Souls’ Chapel. By serving on the Altar Guild, you will learn a lot about the Episcopal faith and our traditions, and while it is a large time commitment to those who serve, it is a true blessing to all. For more information on the Altar Guild, or to find out how you can serve, please contact St. George at (210) 342-4261 or email us at and ask for Linda Quebe’s contact information.

Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry at St. George is a growing, vibrant, and Christ-filled way to serve at St. George. Each Sunday there are numerous ways that you can help shepherd our youngest into a loving relationship with God, Jesus, and His church.

Our Nursery Volunteers help our Nursery Attendants when we have an over-abundance of infants and toddlers. We work to maintain a 5:1 child to teacher ratio, and when we have more children than that, our Nursery Volunteers join in the fun and help care for them.

Do you have a heart for teaching? Our Kinder, Children’s, & Kids For Christ Chapel teachers are a vital part of Christian Formation at St. George. Our teachers volunteer one Sunday a month in pairs to either help in our Kinder Chapel (kids age 4 to Kindergarten) or to lead our Children’s Chapel (first and second Grade) or our Kids for Christ Chapel (3rd-5th Grade). For more information on how to be a part of our Children’s Ministry program, please contact Happy Wilson at

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve along the Priest during our Worship Services and Eucharists. These specially trained volunteers assist with many parts of the service including reading the Psalms, reading the Prayers of the People and assisting throughout Communion. This highly visible ministry is one with a large impact. For more information, and to find out how to serve as a Lay Eucharistic Minister, please call St. George church at (210) 342-4261 or by email at and ask for contact information for Susan Alwais.

Lector Ministry

Lectors at St. George serve by reading the daily lessons during our Worship Services. Prior to Sunday Worship, our Lectors practice the readings in prayerful study as they prepare to lead us in worship. For those people who have the ability to be in front of a crowd, this is a great way to be involved in our worship. For more information, please contact St. George at (210) 342-4261 or at and ask for contact information for Pat Lindemood.

Media Ministry

During worship, St. George utilizes TV screens to help guide our visitors and newcomers through the service, to show the lyrics for our music, and to aide our visually impaired who may not be able to read the Book of Common Prayer or Hymnal. Our Media Ministry is the group of volunteers who runs the slideshow during worship. This is a great ‘behind the scenes’ way to serve at St. George while making a big difference in our Worship. For more information, or to learn how to be on the Media Ministry, please contact us at St. George church at (210) 342-4261 or email us at and ask for contact information for Molly Miller.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is a ministry that engages our core value of engaging scripture through the singing and playing of many different styles of music that are inspired directly from the Liturgy and Word of the day. The music used in worship is a way to enhance and support the scriptures of the day, which then invites the Body of Christ to further enter into worship. The Music Ministry works in the liturgy every week by providing vocal, choral, and instrumental offerings during Sunday worship.

On top of the weekly service commitments, the Music Ministry also provides music for other special worship services such as Advent, Christmas Eve, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, and those during Holy Week. We also enjoy sharing with our community and look for opportunities to serve not only the St. George community but the broader San Antonio community. Our team enjoys playing and singing annually at residence communities during the Christmas season. We also hold an annual “Pops” concert in the fall for the enjoyment of all ages. We are a team that loves to pray, eat, and fellowship together, and we enjoy having a great time praising God. If you have the desire to share your musical offerings for God, you will be a welcome part of the team. We have many opportunities for all ages.


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Prayer Ministry

Prayer at St. George is a vital part of the life of our church family and is one of our Core Values. On Sunday mornings during Communion at our Worship Services, members of our Prayer Ministry are available for one-on-one prayer. This ministry also stays in touch throughout the week as prayer requests come through from the Church Office or from the Prayer Request Form. If you are called to serve through prayer, please call St. George at (210) 342-4261 or at and ask for contact information for Pat Whitehouse.

Visitor Bag Ministry

Each visitor who comes to St. George is greeted with a smile, a warm handshake, and a gift bag full of information about St. George. These bags not only share about life at St. George, but also share a piece of heart with homemade cookies! Preparing the visitor bags is a great way to serve during the week, and if you have a heart for baking, this is a great place to serve as well! For more information on how to be a part of this ministry, please contact St. George at (210) 342-4261 or at and ask for contact information for Barbara Simon.

Vestry Person of the Day

Our church leadership plays a key role on Sunday mornings. Members of our Vestry are assigned to serve in pairs to help make sure that our worship services run smoothly and to help our ministry leaders and volunteers when the need arises. The Vestry Person of the Day is also responsible for gathering and counting the offertory from each service. To find out more about our Vestry, please click here.

Welcome Team

The first interaction that many people have with life at St. George is through speaking with one of our Welcome Team members that greet. These individuals serve by being a welcoming face at each of our entrances to help visitors find their way into our Sanctuary. They also help answer any questions that a visitor may have as well as get our visitors in touch with church resources the visitor may need in our Connection Center. There are also those on our Welcome team who Usher at St. George and serve throughout the Worship Services. Before worship begins, the Welcome Team Ushers distribute the service bulletin, during worship they pass the plates during the Offertory, and guide people through the Communion. The Welcome Team a very low-commitment, but very high-impact ministry for anyone with a warm smile and a heart for meeting new people. This is also a great ministry for families to serve together. For more information on how to serve on our Welcome Team, please contact St. George at (210) 342-4261 or at and ask for  Keith Earle or for contact information for Renny Worsham.

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