Youth Group is an amazing opportunity for your child to remain grounded in faith, fellowship, and fun! St. George Youth has both middle school and high school youth groups. Both groups meet on Sunday mornings to enjoy breakfast, scripture, and of course a little (a lot) of fun! Occasionally we will meet off campus on Sunday afternoons instead of having our Sunday morning meeting on campus, but please know that that will be communicated well in advance. We are looking forward to another fantastic year at St. George. –Mike Holmes and Daniel Forman

Middle School (6th-8th Grades)

Kids in sixth-eighth grade will be using curriculum designed by The Youth Cartel, a youth-oriented ministry in California this fall. We will be walking through the books of James and First John. Below is a short synopsis of the topics to be covered in each curriculum. Middle school Youth Group will occasionally be meeting off campus on Sunday afternoons instead of Sunday Mornings. During these times we will be participating in fun or service-oriented activities, or both!

High School (9th-12th Grades)

Kids from the ninth-twelfth grade will predominantly be focusing on the weekly Bible readings from the Episcopal Church Lectionary. The Lectionary, which assigns readings according to a three-year cycle of the calendar, can be found in the Book of Common Prayer that we read in our Sunday Services. Like the middle school Youth Group, we will have off-campus activities on Sunday afternoons instead of meeting on campus that will be either fun, service-oriented, or both!