The Tomb is Empty – Now What?

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The secular world sees Easter as a one day, maybe a weekend, cultural holiday.  For liturgical Christians it is a 50 day season that ends on the Feast of Pentecost.  But what about the rest of the year?  Is Easter a day? A season? Or is it a daily way of living?
Come join Fr. Ram in exploring what it means to live as a resurrection person in the world in this new Adult Spiritual Formation offering.  Discover the tools available to you and your family to help you live an Easter life daily.  Learn about the support St. George offers you to grow as Resurrection Person.  Discover how you can support the wider St. George Community in becoming Easter People.
Class and Workshop begins Sunday, June 4th at 9:45 am in the Parish Hall.

June 4th – “The Power of the Spirit”

June 11th – “…the least of these…”

June 18th – “for the building up of the body”

June 25th – “to whom much is given”

Each class begins starts from Scripture and offers a chance for participants to do some hands-on writing and planning for their own personal Living the Easter Life Plan.


Boomers and Bloomers – Warrior and Family Support Center Trip

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On Monday, February 6, the Boomers and Bloomers visited the Warrior and Family Support Center at Joint Base San Antonio – Ft. Sam Houston. The Facility is located on a 3-acre property at Ft. Sam and is housed in a large and spacious 12,500 sq. ft. building. The current facility was constructed about 10 years ago; completely financed through donations, and today serves as the “gold standard” for other communities near military medical facilities.

A tour of the facilities was organized by Margaret White and Pat Lindemood and was directed by WFSC Director Judith Markelz. An entertaining, enlightening and informative tour was provided by WFSC Assistant Director John Wolf.

The WFSC provides coordinated services to patients, next of kin and extended family mem- bers of service members, with focus primarily on Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom Warriors. The facility provides a friendly, comfortable environment for everything from watching a movie on a large-screen TV, playing video games, checking email, making a phone call, or just grabbing a cup of coffee. A large well-appointed kitchen also provides a venue for those with culinary inclinations.

Many activities are provided through WFSC – everything from Thursday Night Bingo, tickets to Local Entertainment and Sporting Events, to Dining-out and Trips to the Zoo. The WFSC calendar is always full.

The Wounded Warriors and their Family Members can also visit the WFSC to maintain contact with other military members or extended family members to receive emotional support, answers to questions and to extend their rehabilitation.

The trip was highlighted by a recovering PTSD patient who addressed all of us as we were leaving with an emotional testimony about his stay at the Center. The recovering soldier told us his story of depression, despair and suicidal thoughts to recovery and a positive outlook toward the future. Absolutely inspirational – and a wonderful testament to the caring work of the Warrior and Family Support Center.


St. George represents at Invite-Welcome-Connect Conference!

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This Saturday, September 24, Fr. Ram and Haley Bankey will represent St. George at the Diocesan “Invite-Welcome-Connect Conference” being held at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.


They will share our experiences with the Invite-Welcome-Connect process.  “As I began to reflect on the changes we have experienced since we did Invite-Welcome-Connect workshops in April 2015 I began to realize just how much IWC has helped us become who we are today.  Invitation is happening through our Church-School relationships, through our presence on the web and through the energy our people are feeling here and inviting friends and family to come to church with them.  It has been a very organic process.”


Some of the experiences Haley and Fr. Ram will share include creating an inviting atmosphere for those school families who are seeking a place to worship and belong, the launching of new website which helps us have a more powerful presence on Internet search engines and our activities to reach out to people in our community through community events (Pops Concerts” and community service (Summer of Service).


Registration is available at Cost for the day is $35, and that includes materials and lunch. Childcare will be available; if you need childcare, please contact Leigh Saunders, 888/210-824-5387.

Sunday Formation – Understanding the Gospel

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Steve Alwais leads the “Understanding the Gospel” on Sunday mornings.  If you haven’t given that class a try, he encourages you to.  Please read the following note from Steve.


This Sunday’s gospel reading gives us specific instruction that we are to pay attention to the bible if we want to get to heaven. An excellent way to do that is to attend the discussion entitled “Understanding the Gospel.”

It is held each Sunday in the St. Luke’s room from 9:45 to 10:15. I share an insight into some of the interesting details of the gospel reading and then those in attendance are given the opportunity (if they wish) to share their vantage point or to ask about specifics of the reading.

Whether you are want to be an active participant or would just like to hear a little more insight into the gospel lesson, you are more than welcome. Advance preparation for this group is not necessary and since each week is a different gospel reading you can come as often as you wish. Please give it a try!

-Steve Alwais