Jubilee Free Sale

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An Outreach Activity for our St. George Community

Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019 – 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Location: This year’s JUBILEE FREE SALE will be held at the Churchill Baptist Church, 12400 Vista View.


Volunteering Opportunities

Friday, Nov. 8: Need 20+ Volunteers to help unload the moving van at Churchill Baptist and set up the sale from 6:00PM-9:00PM.

Saturday, Nov 9: Need 20+Volunteers to assist shoppers, maintain displays and clean up after sale. We will be working with volunteers from other churches. The Free Sale takes place from 9:00AM-1@:00PM. Start time that day for volunteers is 8:00 am.

For information and questions or to volunteer, please contact Julabeth Carden at 210-365-6377 or kittylady46@yahoo.com.

Le Marché

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What is Le Marché?

  • Le Marché is an entrepreneurial event taking place on the St. George campus on Thursday, April 25, from 9:00 – 11:00 AM. For the past few months, every 4th-8th grader has been involved in gathering partners, forming businesses, attending conferences and study sessions, crafting business plans, proposals, and marketing tools, and most importantly, designing and producing products to showcase at Le Marché on April 25.
  • We will have more than 75 different booths selling amazing and unique products at Le Marché.
  • All profits from Le Marché will be donated to CHAIN OF LOVE.

More information on Le Marché will be sent out soon!

Beta Club Treat Sale

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The Beta Club will host a special Treat Sale on Wednesday, April 17, during all lunches. We will be set up in the Gathering Area. Proceeds will benefit the Chain of Love campaign. Because most items are priced well under $1, there is no need to send large amounts of money with your child. Please encourage your child to eat his/her full lunch before purchasing at the Treat Sale.

Thank you to the Beta Club for supporting Chain of Love!

Surprise Legacy Updates Sanctuary

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Gene Rachels came to visit St. George one Sunday; Paul and Peggy Foerster invited him to lunch, and he knew he had found his church home. Having retired from the military, he adopted San Antonio as his home and was happy to find a church where he felt welcome immediately.

Gene didn’t just attend on Sundays – he volunteered for a number of positions, most notably greeter. He was the quintessential greeter who always had a smile on his face and a kind word for everyone. He would ask about your family and love waiting to hear the answers. Not only was he a greeter, we was also an Office Angel, regularly stuffing Sunday bulletins and preparing packets for our shut-ins. He was active in Jerry Fulenwider’s men’s group too.

Sadly, Gene began a fierce battle with cancer, but when he was able, he was in attendance at St. George. The battle was one of ups and downs as he improved and declined a number of times, but never did his smile or his grace leave him, even at his sickest. Upon his death, Gene received a glorious send off to heaven in a Ft. Sam Houston military funeral. As I watched the funeral, I had to smile and think of how it suited him so well.
Sometime later we were notified that Gene had left a bequest in his will for St. George. Imagine everyone’s surprise to hear that that bequest totaled $60,000. I can imagine his smiling face as he anticipated the surprise of his church family.

The timing of the bequest was serendipitous as it came just after the new Leadership Center was opened. Immediately Ram donated $10,000 to the camp scholarship fund because of Gene’s love for children and children’s ministries. Additionally, Gene’s generosity paid for the refurbishment of the sanctuary to match the other new campus buildings, including new flooring, new paint, kneelers, pew pads, pew refinishing, Bibles, Prayer Books, and more. The renovation of the bathrooms across from the parish hall was celebrated by all. Finally Gene’s largesse paid for the Adirondack chairs on the patio of the Leadership Center. It just so happened that the Head of School Rob Devlin and Father Ram were standing on the patio one day looking over the beauty of the courtyard, discussing how the patio needed comfortable chairs for enjoying the scenery and engaging in peaceful conversations. Thus Gene’s money provided those chairs.

The beauty of the way in which Gene’s bequest was used is how he was represented in the choices. He was a greeter and a loyal Sunday parishioner, he loved children, and he loved conversations with those in his church family. We can all thank him every Sunday when we see his gifts and know the heart he had for St. George and its people.

Written by Pam Piedfort with thanks to Haley Bankey for remembering the details