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Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. I am happy to announce that the St. George Community has called Frances Caroline “Cookie” Harris as our next Youth Minister, Sacred Studies Teacher and School Chaplain. Cookie is super excited to be joining our team and becoming a part of this community.

Cookie is a detail-oriented and gifted communicator. She has years of nonprofit administrative and leadership experience. She graduated from The University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Elementary Education and a Master of Curriculum and Instruction. While at Ole Miss, she served as a Recruiter for the School of Education. Returning to her native San Antonio, Cookie served as Youth Director Intern for her home parish, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and School.

In 2014, Cookie felt the call of God tugging her to move to Haiti. While there she founded and directed the English as a Second Language Program for Respire Haiti in Gressier, Ouest, haiti. She also served as the lead teacher of the English Immersion Homeschool Classroom at Respire Haiti Christian School in Gressier.

While in Haiti, Cookie adopted Robi and Sherly. They are in 9th and 10th grades and are boarding at TMI-The Episcopal School of Texas. Cookie will begin her ministry at St. George mid-July. Currently, she is working very closely with Daniel Forman as they both work to ensure a smooth transition. Please join me in welcoming Cookie to the St. George Community!

Youth Group at Laser Tag

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The St. George Youth took 11 kids to Laser Quest this past Sunday to enjoy some laser tag fun.  I must say that my undefeated record against my youth group kids is no longer in play as I took it on the chin as Will Wickersham ( 6th Grade ) and Sebastian Trevino ( 7th Grade ) blasted me on more than one occasion.  It’s important to me that all kids who come through our program know that ALL formation does not necessarily have to take place at St. George.  Laser Tag, in very different way, is just as important as the fellowship we develop and nurture on Sunday mornings on campus.  One of the things I enjoyed most about out Laser Quest experience was my attempt at trying to connect Father Nate Bostian’s sermon to my “code name” at Laser Quest.  Father Nate Bostian referenced ,in his sermon, how Jesus gets “cranky” in Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 2​​3.  I promptly decided that my code name at Laser Quest was “Cranky Jesus” and I especially found it hilarious when I tagged my kids and at the end of the game it said “you have been tagged by Cranky Jesus.

Youth Confirmation Classes begin on January 15

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Confirmation classes for youth in 6th-12th grade are fast approaching.  Daniel Forman will teach a confirmation class based on the curriculum “Confirm, not Conform” to any student who wishes to participate.  Students who wish to be confirmed need to show a commitment to attending each session if possible.  The dates for the classes will be:

Sundays from 8:30 – 9:30 AM at St. George          

– January 15th

– January 22nd

– January 29th

– February 5th


Tuesdays from 3:30- 4:30 PM at St. George

– January 17th

– January 24th

– January 31st

– February 7th


Students can attend strictly attend either Sunday OR Tuesday sessions or mix and match.

Please let Daniel Forman (dforman@saintgeorgechurch.org) know if you plan on attending.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Holmes and Bridget Lynch!

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Elizabeth Holmes, a senior at TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas, won first place in the school’s fifth annual Poetry Out Loud recitation contest, held Nov. 28 in the school’s Margaret M. Alkek Theater. Runner-up was sophomore Bridget Lynch.  Elizabeth and Bridget are both St. George parishioners.  Elizabeth will compete at the state level Feb. 25, 2017, at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin.  To read more, click here.



Youth Group Service Project with Animal Defense League

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animal-defense-league-youth-1This past Sunday the St. George Youth group visited the Animal Defense League of Texas.  This non-profit institution’s mission focuses on supporting and enhancing neglected and abused dogs and cats throughout the San Antonio Community.  Our youth group helped in this mission on Sunday by providing the various animals at ADL with “snack bags.”  The youth created bags filled with an assortment of wet food, dry food, peanut butter, sweet potatoes, canned chicken, and vegetables.  The youth then delivered these bags of goodies to the various kennels on campus.  It was quite amazing how quickly barking and skeptical animals became quiet once these bags were in their kennel.  The youth then got to experience some one on one time with puppies and kittens which is always fun.  It was a great event and a wonderful way to spread holiday cheer to our fury friends who need it most.

To find out more about the ADL, here is their website:


-Daniel Forman


Youth Group – “Can I Ask That?”

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Please enjoy this note from Daniel Forman-

The Youth Group kicked back off here on campus this past Sunday and it was absolutely wonderful to see new and old faces.  One of the curriculums that we will be using in Youth Group this year is called “Can I Ask That?”  The premise of the curriculum is to dive into questions kids have about faith and spirituality but might be afraid to ask.  The first question we discussed this Sunday is “Can you trust the Bible?”  We had some very interesting conversation about the roots of the Bible and its translations.  Perhaps a question to ask yourself is “do you trust the Bible.”  Mike Holmes and I personally feel that exposure to these types of questions is highly important to the formation of young, grounded Christian youth.  We are excited to see where the curriculum and God lead us this year.


St. George Youth Group in New Orleans – Letter from Daniel Forman

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New Orleans departure

Departure Day!

I have thought much about my (and the youths) trip to New Orleans and to sum it up in one word I would choose “charm.”  This was my first trip to New Orleans and to be honest I did not know what to expect.  And after being inspired by the people we encountered I must say the city does have a very, very unique charm.

During our time in the NO we worked at two different ministries; 1) Second Harvest and 2) United Saints.  Second Harvest is a ministry that exists to provide food to local kids who are participating in camps around the New Orleans area.  United Saints is a group of local churches that work in unison to support the needs of the New Orleans people.  United Saints was founded August 27th, 2005, the day after Hurricane Katrina made landfall.  

A few of the more meaningful moments of our trip happened after our last day of work painting a home on the West Bank.  We left our worksite sweaty, tired, and feeling accomplished.  Sarah (the other youth minister) and I decided to take the kiddos to the 9th Ward in New Orleans.  The 9th Ward is the largest, poorest, and was the ward that was most heavily impacted by Katrina.  We drove to the 9th Ward and you can still see some of the scars of the storm.  We drove to a local Episcopal ministry center where the kids saw some “Second Harvest” food boxes laying on the ground which was neat!  You could feel the kids being inspired that their hands fed some of the kids at this local Episcopal ministry center.  We also drove through a subdivision in the 9th Ward where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donated millions of dollars helping renovate homes just off the levee breach.  We also strolled through some of the neighborhoods where you can still visibly see the large spray painted “X” where the Urban Search and rescue teams notified emergency services when the house was searched, if there were victims, and when they left.

Upon leaving New Orleans, you could still feel it is a city that is in recovery.  People still talk about how the city is still waiting for everyone to “come back.”  I believe the city will come back and I might even argue it is already back.  I asked one of our worksite leaders “what is the one thing that makes you never want to leave New Orleans?”  He said “I never want to leave because I have never been to another city where people love their city as much as the people of New Orleans love theirs.”  I would have to agree.  

-Daniel Forman

Happening at St. George – We Need Your Help to Host This Great Event!

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St. George will be hosting Happening on August 5-7. Happening staff will be here on July 30-31, preparing for the 100 or so teens that will live on our beautiful campus during the Happening.  We need your help to host this great event.

How can you help?

  • Please click here to help with donations to cover meal expenses for those in attendance.
  • Contact Kendra Lopez if you or your small group would be willing to sponsor a meal or large snack for the group.
  • Please offer your prayers for all involved with Happening.

If you know of a high school student in grade 10-12 who would like to attend Happening, contact Kendra Lopez.

Finally, if you’ve attended Happening before or if you have helped with the experience and would like to have a few words in the eSpear, please email me at lkelly@saintgeorgechurch.org or click here to type your responses into a quick and easy Google form.  I’d love to have reflections both before the event and after the Happening here at St. George.

Youth Group Service Project Fun!

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IMG_4255Yesterday the St. George Youth Group enjoyed their LAST on campus Youth Group for the school year.  The kids enjoyed some tacos, OJ, and sardines.  No, not literally Sardines, but Sardines the game.  Sardines is the opposite of hide and go seek. One person hides and everyone tries to find that them and if they do they hide with them.  The last person to find the group is “it” for the next game.  We had some kids hide in elevators, desks, and closets and other interesting places.  Fun was had by all.

The kids then participated in a mini-service project where they put 4-8 quarters in a plastic bag and decorated a St. George Youth label with a scripture or encouraging message.  These bags were then dropped of at red box movie machines, Sonic, pay telephones, and vending machines.  The goal is to have all who find them to enjoy a free movie, soda, or a happy hour slush on us.  We then discussed the importance of gifts and giving back from how God has abundantly given to us.  Next week is our end of the year pool party and details will follow!

-Daniel Forman

Bless our High School Graduates with Your Favorite Scriptures

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St. George Episcopal Church would like to present a special gift to each of our high school graduates to mark this momentous milestone in their lives, and we need your help.  We will be giving each high school graduate a personalized Bible with scripture blessings from our parishioners highlighted throughout each of their Bibles.

If you have one or more favorite scriptures that you would like to share and have highlighted in the graduates’ Bibles, simply email your list to Happy Wilson at hwilson@saintgeorgechurch.org by Friday, May 6.

Our high school graduates will receive their Bibles during the 10:45 worship service on Sunday, May 15th. We will be offering prayers for all graduates during both worship services.

It is our hope that these Bibles will be a treasured source of guidance and inspiration for our graduates as they begin a new journey in their lives and we thank you for your contributions!