Coffee & Conversation Class Update

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Last Sunday the class started out to read the three Bible verses referred to in Question 6 of the questions for Chapter 1 in Max Lucado’s book “Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World.” In the last bullet of that question, Max asks, “What scares you about getting older?” He asks us to consider how these three passages relate to our today’s society:

  1. Proverbs 16:3, “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.”
  2. Isaiah 46:4. “Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”
  3. Job 12:12. “Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does long life bring understanding?”

One of the more interesting points made was the difference between the way the class’s Hispanic non-Hispanic members’ families view aging. The Hispanics tend to have stronger family ties that regard the older members as matriarchs and patriarchs, rather than in “other” ways.

Much time at the beginning of the class was devoted to spontaneous accounts of various members’ answered prayers. One member for whom the Prayer Team had prayed was hospitalized to diagnose an excruciatingly painful abdominal mass. The exam two days later showed the mass had “disappeared!” Another member reported that a friend who the class had been praying for has come back to Christ, and also how long-term health problems affecting ability to work were finally starting to be resolved.

Your participation in C&C Class is a way to help fulfill Fr. Ram’s calling in last Sunday’s service to do God’s work by “fishing,” as Jesus had charged his disciples. C&C is a “safe place” where one can share personal stories of God’s work in our lives. Hope you can join us next Sunday, 2/17/19 (normal time and place, between services starting at 9:45 in St. Mark’s Room, second floor in the Learning Center), for another round of stimulating “conversations.”

In Christ,
Peggy and Paul Foerster

Kids for Christ Event–Sunday, February 10!

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Come and join us Sunday, February 10, from 12:00 PM-2:45 PM, for a fun and memorable service event at The Forum Assisted Living where the kids of KFC will volunteer their time running a Bingo game for their residents! Immediately following the 10:45 AM service, we will gather in the Cafeteria for a lunch, which will be provided. Kids will make valentine cards for the residents before carpooling to The Forum at Lincoln Heights. Bingo will begin at 1:45 and end at 2:45 PM. All kids in the 3rd-5th grades are invited to join us!

WHERE: Lunch at St. George Church/ Bingo at The Forum at Lincoln Heights located at 311 West Nottingham Place; 78209

WHEN: Sunday, February 10, from 12:00-2:45 PM

RSVP: by Tuesday, February 6 (it is important for us to have an accurate number so we can plan food/transportation accordingly)

Notes to Parents:
1) We will need some help transporting children from the church to The Forum. If you are available, please let me know via email at

2) Each child is asked to bring 2 small gifts that can be used as prizes for the residents playing Bingo. Example of small gifts: boxes of kleenex, full size chocolate candy bars, small bottles of hand lotion, small bottles of hand sanitizers, packages of pens, crossword puzzle books, word search puzzle books, playing cards, warm socks, any small and inexpensive item they can have or use in their rooms. All items will be placed in a basket for the winners to choose their prize, so items should NOT be wrapped.

3) You will be picking your child up from The Forum at 2:45 PM.

Community of Hope Training Feb. 9

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The 3rd training class for the Community of Hope Lay Chaplains at St. George will begin February 9. This is a 14-week study to help equip lay people to serve in all forms of pastoral care — when a person is being “present” in a listening, compassionate, non-controlling manner to an individual or group for the purpose of representing God to them.

More information about Community of Hope can be found at

If you feel you are being called to this ministry, there is still time to enroll. Please call or email Marilynne Herbster (

Congratulations New Vestry Members!

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Congratulations to Meg Grant, Cathryn Grigsby, Jason Keller, and Arden McLean our newest Vestry members.

What is the Vestry?

The vestry of an Episcopal Church is an elected group of parishioners responsible for oversight of the church. To be eligible for vestry duties, one must be at least 16, an active member of the parish for at least six months, be a confirmed Episcopalian, and receive the Eucharist weekly.

Fiscal Oversight

The vestry oversees all financial aspects of the church.

The vestry provides financial oversight for the church, preparing an annual budget and filing a corporate report yearly. Vestry members raise money for the church, pay salaries and bills and take care of all assets held by the church. Assets the church may have include endowments and trust funds. The vestry also governs the sale or transfer of any securities held by the church. The vestry approves or recommends any salary increases and denies or approves any expenditures.

Property Management

The vestry provides oversight of all physical changes to the church property.

Property management is another duty of the vestry; responsibilities include maintaining buildings, furnishings and the surrounding property. If upgrades need to be made to physical property, the vestry decides what changes can be made and allocates funds to these changes. Property management includes the rectory and parking lots as well; all should be free of any hazards. The vestry also holds the duty of making sure that all property is insured.

Rector Assistance

The rector votes only when there is a tie.

A rector of an Episcopal Church won’t have time to handle oversight of the church alone, and that is why the vestry exists. The rector is the head of the parish and is also called a reverend or priest. As a member of the vestry, the rector is president of the parish corporation. The rector does not vote on church matters unless there is a tie. The vestry acts in partnership with the rector, and not as a CEO with staff to direct. All work collectively and provide guidance to the rector as needed.

Parishioner Recruitment and Enrichment

Strong attendance is vital to parish growth.

As a group of elected individuals, the vestry must seek ways to form community among parishioners. A vestry defines its own mission, goals and values, depending on the variety of backgrounds among the vestry members. Celebrations, picnics, outings, and other events are organized and carried out by the vestry as a way to build community within the church. The vestry also oversees the religious education of both adults and youth within the parish.

Welcome Team – Opportunity to Serve

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Contact:  Renny Worsham,

Mission:  To greet, guide, inspire, and provide first-time guests, repeat visitors, and members to a loving experience and enjoy our Sunday worship. Greeting and ushering at funerals and special occasions. Handle and guide large crowds on special services.

Short Description:  The overall goal of the welcome team is to greet, welcome, engage, and inspire others to feel that they truly have a spiritual home at St, George Episcopal Church.

Person who would enjoy this ministry:  Friendly people who enjoy meeting and greeting, are willing to serve with a smile, preferably once a month commitment and be on time when scheduled to serve.

Media Ministry — Opportunity to Serve

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Contact: Molly Miller,

Mission: Media Ministry provides an opportunity to volunteer during worship service. The media volunteers advance the slides that lead the congregation in prayer, song and response. The volunteers do not make the slides.

Short Description: Media works from the choir loft, taking our cues from the clergy and the choir director. Anyone familiar with the flow of the service will easily pick-up when to advance the slides. Anyone not familiar with our Episcopal traditions will learn! We provide the training. Currently, media volunteers serve once or twice a month.

Person who would enjoy this ministry: If you are called to serve but pressed for time during the week, consider joining the media ministry team.