Texas Water Mission Celebration

October 5, 2021 Charitable Giving, Community

Some of our Saint George staff had a great time attending the annual fundraising dinner of the Texas Water Mission that took place last Tuesday, September 28th at the Whitley Theological Center. One of the projects highlighted was the water project at St. Benoit in Mombin Crochu, Haiti. Over the last couple of years, they have done some amazing work!

A cistern holding 22,000 gallons of water now serves the entire population of Mombin Crochu. The same water system serves both the church and school. Residents are able to come and fill up jugs of water and feel safe knowing the water has been tested and treated (as it says on the building). This project is the result of a continued outstanding partnership between St George, Texas Water Mission, and St Benoit. Thanks so much for your support for our friends in Haiti!