Parenting and Children’s Mental Health, October 6

August 3, 2019 Community

Special Guest: Dr. Melissa Deuter
will speak from 9:45-10:30 AM in the Parish Hall

This year, we welcome Dr. Melissa Deuter, board certified psychiatrist and author of the book, STUCK in the Sick Role: How Illness Becomes An Identity. She is the Medial Director for Sigma Mental Health Urgent Care in Stone Oak. She specialized in the care of teens, young adults and their families. She has a special interest in the unique mental health needs of emerging adults (18-25 year olds).

St. George Episcopal holds Mental Health Awareness Sunday in an effort to fight stigma surrounding mental illness by raising awareness and providing an education component for those who have been given a mental illness diagnosis and for those who care for loved ones with mental illness diagnosis.

Dr. Deuter also writes a weekly blog on a variety of mental health and parenting related topics.  You can read her blog by following this link: http://www. .

For more information about Sigma Mental Health Urgent Care or Dr. Deuter, please visit https://www.sigmamhuc. com/meet-our-staff .