Coffee & Conversation – A Reminder

January 7, 2020 Adult Ministries

Dear Fellow Coffee & Conversation Class

Last Sunday we read and discussed the first nine pages of Chapter 2, “Jesus Who Knew Everything,” in Barbara Cawthorne Crafton’s book Come Here, Jesus. An Episcopal priest for 40 years, she relates her early struggles with questions such as, “Did Jesus ever make mistakes? Were there things he didn’t know?”

She points out instances (especially in John’s Gospel) where Jesus seems to sail thought events with calm confidence, such as knowing all about the Samarian woman he encountered at Jacob’s well. At other times, Jesus seems disturbed and weeps, for instance upon learning of Lazarus’ death.

Our class came alive in this discussion, several members disagreeing with Barbara’s conclusion that showing emotion was a sign that there were things that Jesus did not know.

Another springboard for discussion arose when Barbara pointed out that Matthew’s Gospel traces Jesus’ lineage from David through Joseph, not through Mary. How does this correlate with the Virgin Birth? As of the time we stopped on page 25, she has not reconciled this issue. We won’t spoil your fun by telling you how (or even ”if”) the issue is addressed.

Hope to see you in class this Sunday, 1/12/20, normal time and place—between services, 9:45 a.m., in St. Mark’s Room, upstairs in the Leadership Center.

In Christ,
Peggy and Paul Foerster


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