Station 4 – Reflection Series “Stations of the Cross”

March 2, 2016 A Lenten Journey

Station 4 – Jesus Meets His Mother – John 19:25-27

4 StationToday’s devotion suggests that looking into his mother’s eyes gave Jesus the strength to continue on his very difficult path.  This may be the case, but, being a mother, I imagine that Mary’s initial human reaction, though held within, was to cry out, “No! No, you are my son – don’t leave me!” But, when her eyes met his, she saw that He was in control, and was reminded yet again that her son was no ordinary man. Though it pained her to see him suffering, to see the blood and sweat dripping from his brow, his face disfigured with swelling, as he limped along the route to Golgotha, the “place of skulls,” she knew that he wasn’t being forced to do anything. Rather, he accepted such torture and ridicule by choice, with dignity, out of obedience to the Father and love for humanity. Upon recognizing this, she, too, was strengthened. 

Mary was chosen by God, the Father and Ruler of all creation, to be the mother of the Word Incarnate because of her purity, her obedience, and most of all, her secure and steadfast faith.  Though she would have preferred to have the son she bore and raised see her to old age, she obediently accepted God’s word. No matter that this came from the lips of one who had once suckled at her breast, one whom she had consoled through everything from teething to puberty and beyond, whom she had watched grow into a man, even as he was God. Later, I imagine, she was grateful. She was grateful for his thoughtfulness and consideration, and for his love and honor of her.  In the midst of bearing his singular burden, he took the time to look to the needs of his mother, to see to her security in old age when he wouldn’t be around to take care of her. 

Much later still, even now, in the heavenly realms, I envision beloved mother and beloved son reunited, she standing with her arm around Jesus on one side and her other arm around her surrogate son, John – members of one happy family.

One of God’s commandments is to honor your parents, and our Lord, Jesus, obeyed this. He also showed us, by example, to take care of the elderly, the widowed, and the orphaned.  But perhaps the greatest message I hope to impart with you today is that obedience to God, acceptance of His will, and trust in Him is what gives us strength. Remember this when it is you who feels like crying out, “No!” 

– by Therese 2/14/2016


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